​​​​​​​​​​​Description ​Dentists diagnose and treat diseases of the hard and soft tissue of the mouth.  They are also trained to recognize a number of systemic diseases that manifest symptoms within the oral cavity to be referred to the appropriate physician.  Eight specialties include orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, periodontics, pedodontics, prosthodontics, oral pathology, and dental public health.
​Degree​ ​D.D.S.​
​​Program Length ​4 Years
​​Professional Schools’ Organization ​ADEA (American Dental Education Association)
​​Application Service ​AADSAS (American Association of Dental Schools Application Service)
​Academic Admission Requirements ​Minimum three years undergraduate; B.A. or B.S. preferred; One year each: General & Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, Calculus & Upper level Biology recommended.
​Admission Exam ​DAT
​​Personal Attributes & Experiences ​Evidence of inquiring independent thought, interest in continued education, motivation toward dental career, good interpersonal skills, leadership qualities and interest in the community; Appropriate psychomotor skills; Concern for people, social awareness; Evidence of understanding of the profession through experiences in clinical settings; Psychomotor skills to perform technical tasks in dentistry, service and desire to help others.
​​Recommendation Letters ​Health Professions Committee letter (usually confidential) sent with additional individual letters of support.​​