​Allopathic Medicine

​​​Description ​Physicians are licensed to perform medical examinations, diagnose illnesses, treat people suffering from disease or injury and advise patients on how to maintain good health.  They may be general practitioners or specialists and may combine medical practice with research and/or teach in medical schools.
Degree ​M.D.
Program Length ​4 Years
Professional Schools’ Organization ​AAMC (American Association of Medical Colleges)
Application Service ​AMCAS (American Medical College Association Application Service)
Academic Admission Requirements ​1 Year each: Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Math (through calculus), Physics, English.  Note:  The MCAT 2015 will require students to be proficient in Biochemistry, statistics, sociology and psychology.
Admission Exam ​MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)
Personal Attributes & Experiences ​Integrity, responsibility, leadership, social maturity, purpose, motivation, initiative, curiosity, common sense, perseverance and breadth of interets; Humanitarian concern; Understanding of profession developed through experiences in health care settings, especially clinical, talking to health professions, reading the literature, exposure to undergraduate research.
Recommendation Letters ​Health Professions Committee letter (usually confidential) sent with additional individual letters of support.